Principle 6

Principle 6: Businesses should uphold the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation

Novozymes' management systems, commitments, and positions

Novozymes' approach in 2010

Reference to GRI G3 performance indicators 

Touch the World

  • Vision, values, and company idea
  • Support for the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact


People policy
Purchasing policy
Social responsibility policy

Position on human rights
Position on responsible purchasing

Please refer to Principles 1 and 2 for scope and approach regarding Novozymes’ support of human and labor rights.

Novozymes’ minimum standards of social responsibility cover freedom of association, nondiscrimination , working hours, wages and benefits, disciplinary measures, child labor, and forced labor.

Responsibilities and activities
Regional presidents at Novozymes have the overall responsibility for human rights and labor rights aspects in their particular regions, whereas a leader responsible for a particular site has the operational responsibility. Representatives from line of business in the Sustainability Development Board are responsible for the activities in their own respective parts of line of business.

Self-assessments and auditing
Novozymes’ business units and sites conduct annual self-assessments, which are carried out on the basis of our global minimum standards. These self-assessments help to identify better practices and to share experiences between business units and sites, thereby improving performance locally. Audits of business units' compliance with internationally recognized human rights and labor standards are an integrated part of the internal auditing program. Audit findings are reported to Executive Management, and follow-up on corrective actions is integrated into our audit procedures, which are verified by third-party auditors.

Diversity and equal opportunities
Since 2005, Novozymes has worked strategically with diversity and equal opportunities, and key activities such as workshops and launches of guidelines and tools have been implemented. Furthermore, follow-up on employee evaluations of their immediate managers’ ability to use diversity proactively in their respective teams is done through the annual employee satisfaction survey, People’s Opinion. We also track the development in gender, nationality, and age representation in the total workforce and management in our internal organizational audits. The report is used by Executive Management and the Board of Directors as an important tool to ensure that diversity is monitored and promoted in relation to organizational development.

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Diversity and equal opportunities

At present, diversity is to some extent already reflected in Novozymes’ approach to talent development. The approach features several different initiatives and components and to qualify, it is required that all candidates are screened and selected on the basis of diversity considerations such as gender, nationality, and age. In 2011, our aim is to look further into the possibility of integrating diversity into succession management, not only to boost the leadership pipeline but also to increase both gender and cultural diversity at management level.

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Our environmental and social data for 2010

Grievance mechanisms
Novozymes strives to be an attractive place to work because of what we do and how we do it. In support of these values Novozymes has established a number of guidelines on how to behave as a Novozymes employee – including  Touch the World, providing the general direction, and our policies and standards, providing the foundation for conducting our business operations responsibly. To ensure that these guidelines are followed and maintained, regional ombudspersons have been installed. These ombudspersons ensure that all employees at Novozymes are able to report, in confidence, issues that they perceive to conflict with the above-mentioned guidelines and to have such issues evaluated on the basis of an objective analysis. The regional finance directors are appointed as regional ombudspersons in each of Novozymes’ regions. The regional ombudspersons report to a global ombudsperson.

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