Novozymes' overall approach to sustainability

Novozymes' overall approach to sustainability

At Novozymes we strive to integrate sustainability into all our business areas on a continuous basis and, accordingly, we are committed to the Triple Bottom Line reporting approach. Our commitments to the UN Global Compact and the UN Convention on Biodiversity form part of Novozymes’ values.

Organizational setup
To support the ongoing integration of sustainability into all relevant business practices, we have established a cross-functional Sustainability Development Board (SDB) with high-level representation from all key functions and reporting directly to Novozymes’ Executive Management.

The SDB is responsible for the development of Novozymes’ sustainability strategy and targets combining the functional business strategies with stakeholder insights. It is Novozymes' vehicle for integrating sustainability into our day-to-day business activities. Members are Vice Presidents from key functions such as R&D, Sales, Marketing, and FinanceSDB meets several times a year and reports to Executive Management through the Executive Vice President for Stakeholder Relations. Executive Management approves the sustainability targets and strategy. Sustainability performance is reported to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

To help facilitate the anchoring of sustainability in the business, the Sustainability Development Department assists the SDB in the development and implementation of Novozymes’ corporate sustainability strategy. The department comprises specialists in the fields of social responsibility, human rights, ethics, environment, and life cycle assessment. We also have regional sustainability managers in China and the United States.

Integration and follow-up 
Novozymes' business units and regions report on sustainability aspects and stakeholder engagement as an integrated part of the annual regional outlook and strategy processes, contributing to Novozymes' overall sustainability strategy. Achievement of performance and development targets related to social and environmental responsibility is integrated into incentive programs. Furthermore, social and environmental responsibility is a fixed agenda item twice a year at board meetings. Financial, social, and environmental results are reported quarterly, both internally and externally.

Novozymes' business units are regularly visited by an internal facilitator corps. These facilitators assess compliance with Touch the World (vision, values, and company idea) by means of interviews with employees at all levels. Novozymes has a global ombudsperson. The ombudsperson ensures that all employees in Novozymes have the opportunity to report events that are perceived to conflict with the above-mentioned guidelines, and to have such events evaluated on the basis of an objective analysis. The ombudsperson is appointed by executive management for a two-year period and reports to the CEO. Furthermore, regional ombudspersons have been installed. The regional finance directors are appointed as regional ombudspersons in each of Novozymes’ five regions.

In 2010 Novozymes maintained the position as a leader of the biotechnology sector in the Dow Jones World and STOXX Sustainability Indexes. In addition, Novozymes achieved the Gold Class 2009/2010 rating and received the Sector Mover award in 2009. See our other sustainability recognitions.

Further information about Novozymes' work on social and environmental responsibility is available under Sustainability at At you can also can find Novozymes' vision, values, and company idea – Touch the World - as well as policies and positions on aspects of social and environmental responsibility.

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“We have this combination of a sustainability approach and an ability to innovate and to understand the challenges and concerns our customers are facing.”
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