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Sales in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (Europe/MEA) increased by 11% in DKK and by 10% in LCY compared to 2009. Detergent and food enzyme sales were the main growth contributors, while sales of biopharmaceutical ingredients decreased.

Sales in North America were up by 18% in DKK and by 12% in LCY compared to 2009. Detergent, food, and technical enzyme sales, in particular enzyme sales to the US ethanol industry, were the main growth drivers.

Sales in Asia Pacific increased by 15% in DKK and by 7% in LCY compared to 2009. Detergent and technical enzyme sales were the strongest growth drivers in absolute terms, while sales of feed enzymes decreased. Sales of microorganisms also performed well during the year, whereas the divestment of noncore ingredient activities in India in 2009 impacted growth negatively.

Sales in Latin America were up by 27% in DKK and by 16% in LCY compared to 2009. All enzyme areas developed well during the year, especially food and detergent enzyme sales. Microorganism sales also performed very well during the year, partly explained by the acquisition of Brazilian company Turfal in August 2010.

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Europe/MEA (36%)
North America (37%)
Latin America (8%)
Asia Pacific (19%)