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BioBusiness builds on the technological capabilities and expertise gained from working with biotechnology and enzymes for more than 60 years. BioBusiness focuses on developing new and improved microorganisms, biopharmaceutical ingredients for drug delivery and formulation, and renewable chemicals. We consider BioBusiness to be a portfolio of growth opportunities for the future.


Microorganisms are a diverse group of microscopic organisms such as fungi, bacteria, and yeasts. They are found everywhere in nature, where they both form and degrade organic materials. Novozymes develops, produces, and sells microorganisms in three main areas. In bioagriculture, the uses of our microorganisms include enhancing yields by helping plants to take up naturally occurring nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphates more effectively. In wastewater treatment, our microorganisms help break down organic matter. In institutional and household cleaning, our microorganisms have a wide range of applications in cleaning, degreasing, and odor control.

Biopharmaceutical ingredients

Novozymes supplies a range of recombinant biopharmaceutical ingredients for improved drug delivery and formulation, and medical devices. Our biopharmaceutical ingredients are typically recombinant molecules that replace the similar molecules derived from humans and animals traditionally used in the industry. Our solutions offer customers alternative, cost-competitive, and safe solutions, helping them to develop better drugs and devices.

Renewable chemicals

Novozymes is working on a number of research projects to develop cost-competitive processes for using microorganisms to produce chemicals from renewable sources. Today, most chemicals are derived from oil. We believe that, in the future, sugar from renewable sources will form the basis of some of these chemicals, complementing the volumes generated from oil. Novozymes is working to develop these technologies in close collaboration with global partners.

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Meet President Trevor Thiessen and hear his views on the market and the potential within bioagriculture.
Novozymes’ bioagriculture business up-close
Novozymes’ bioagriculture business up-close
Thomas Videbæk, BioBusiness
Visiting a sugar mill in Brazil

Detergent enzymes (32%)
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Food enzymes (22%)
Feed enzymes (8%)
Microorganisms (4%)
Biopharmaceutical ingredients (2%)