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Our long-term resource efficiency targets for energy and water are linked directly to minimizing environmental impact, increasing cost efficiency, and long-term risk management. In addition, we are striving to use renewable energy in our production, and we have a target for absolute reductions in CO2 emissions through our customers’ use of our products.

Fulfillment of our targets for sourcing energy and reducing CO2 emissions depends partly on markets for energy and the availability of preferred energy sources. Novozymes is particularly dependent on developments in the renewable energy markets in China and the US.

Novozymes is committed to demonstrating sustainability leadership by making sure that we identify developments on the sustainability agenda that are relevant for our business and organization. This helps us mitigate risks as well as capitalize on opportunities. We believe that sustainability will increasingly become an important growth driver and define markets, and it is our long-term ambition to be recognized as a company that demonstrates leadership and sets the standards when it comes to sustainability. Our annual rating by Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes is based on an assessment of our broad sustainability management performance and is therefore a relevant indicator of how we are performing in this area.

To fulfill our growth ambition, we need highly skilled, motivated, and engaged employees. Novozymes therefore strives continuously to be a preferred employer globally. Every year, Novozymes measures satisfaction, motivation, and opportunities for professional and personal development among our employees, and the company often participates in international rankings of preferred employers. We need to stay among the best to attract committed people who share our vision and passion.

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“We have this combination of a sustainability approach and an ability to innovate and to understand the challenges and concerns our customers are facing.”
Thomas Nagy, Stakeholder Relations
Thomas Nagy, Stakeholder Relations
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