Sustainability targets

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Environmental impact reductions

We have chosen 2005 as the baseline year for setting targets for reducing the environmental impact from energy and water consumption and CO2 emissions. The targets for 2011 for improving resource efficiency are 32% and 31% for energy and water respectively. In 2011, CO2 efficiency is expected to be improved by 41% compared to 2005. This target is based on emissions from Novozymes’ own production sites and from energy suppliers. It is also crucial for Novozymes to look at the broader picture in order to see emissions and other forms of impact from a product life cycle perspective. In 2011, Novozymes expects to enable a 45 million ton reduction in CO2 emissions through the application of our products by our customers.

Employee focus

Our goal is to have satisfied employees at Novozymes. We address this through targets for employee satisfaction and employee development. The target for 2011 for employee satisfaction and motivation is a score of 75. This score was achieved in both 2009 and 2010, and the ambition is to keep this high level. Similarly, we aim to retain our high score of 70 for employees’ opportunities for professional and personal development.

In addition to these indicators, we work continuously on reducing the number of occupational accidents as well as absence from work.

The target for employee turnover is set at a range that reflects the present job market and Novozymes’ aims with regard to attraction and retention of employees. It is seen as preferable to have a turnover above 4% and below 9%.

Stakeholder engagement

Novozymes sees sustainability as a significant lever in support of our overall efforts to grow the business. It is therefore valuable to us when stakeholders evaluate our sustainability performance. Analysts and rating agencies continuously assess the overall sustainability performance of companies, and we use the most valid ones to compare Novozymes to peers in this respect. We have chosen Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes and SAM’s rating as yardsticks, although a number of alternative ratings are just as valuable. Our goal is to retain our Gold Class rating by SAM in the Sustainability Yearbook.

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“We have this combination of a sustainability approach and an ability to innovate and to understand the challenges and concerns our customers are facing.”
Thomas Nagy, Stakeholder Relations

Three areas of sustainability to be explored further
Novozymes’ sustainability development strategy and targets are reviewed annually by the Sustainability Development Board (SDB). In addition to our short- and long-term targets, SDB has decided that three areas need to be explored further with the aim of finding the best way of addressing these issues and potentially incorporating them into our strategy: biodiversity, socioeconomic impact assessment, and water...