Timely and accurate reporting

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Novozymes attaches great importance to timely and accurate reporting, as this is considered key to being a trustworthy company.

Novozymes’ risk management and internal controls relating to financial reporting are designed to facilitate:

  • Presentation of management accounts that allow the Group’s performance to be measured, evaluated, and monitored
  • Presentation of financial statements that provide a true and fair view without material misstatement, and comply with International Financial Reporting Standards as adopted by the EU, and other additional disclosure requirements for the annual reports of listed companies

Novozymes’ internal controls and risk management systems are updated on an ongoing basis and have been designed with a view to discovering and eliminating errors and defects in the financial statements. However, as there is always a risk of misuse of assets, unexpected losses, etc., the internal controls and risk management systems can only provide reasonable and not absolute assurance that all material errors and defects are discovered and eliminated.

The internal controls and risk management systems also cover environmental and social data in The Novozymes Report.

A more detailed description of Novozymes’ risk management and internal controls concerning the financial reporting process can be found in the statutory report on corporate governance fulfilling the requirements in Section 107b of the Danish Financial Statements Act.

The financial reporting process is monitored by the Audit Committee. As part of this monitoring, all cases of fraud and concerns raised either through the whistleblower system or directly by internal or external personnel are reported to the Audit Committee. Six cases were reported in 2010. Four cases led to the dismissal of employees, of which two were reported to the police.

Fulfilling sustainability reporting requirements 

Under Section 99a of the Danish Financial Statements Act, it is mandatory for large companies to report on corporate responsibility. As a member of the UN Global Compact, Novozymes prepares a Communication on Progress that is published in Supplementary Reporting. This Communication on Progress fulfills the requirement for the reporting on corporate responsibility. In addition to this, integrated financial, environmental, and social reporting is included in The Novozymes Report.

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