Environmental and social issues

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Novozymes’ fundamental values include environmental and social responsibility. These are key to the way in which Novozymes conducts business and are significant to all activities. These values are underpinned by a number of targets for environmental and social responsibility.


Novozymes is heavily dependent on being able to attract and retain skilled people, and our reputation is an important factor in this respect. Novozymes aims to maintain a good reputation by means of openness and transparency in both internal and external communications. Work is also carried out on an ongoing basis to reduce the risk of situations arising that could damage Novozymes’ reputation. For example, employees have been trained in our business integrity principles. Relevant legislation must be complied with at all times, and Novozymes is committed to setting an even higher standard in many areas.

Having a positive impact on our surrounding environment is important to Novozymes. We therefore endeavor to do business in such a way that our environmental impact is part of the solution to current environmental problems. Novozymes’ targets of achieving significant reductions in CO2 emissions and water and energy consumption are examples of this.

Animal testing

Novozymes uses animal testing in connection with the development and approval of products where this is demanded by public authorities. The use of animal testing is the subject of ongoing public debate and as such constitutes a risk to Novozymes’ reputation and business. The current product portfolio involves relatively few animal tests, but this may change as a result of the development of new business areas.

Novozymes strives continuously to minimize the number of animal tests by further refining the methods used and employing alternatives wherever possible.

Business partners and acquisitions

In Novozymes’ relations with business partners, the company seeks to reduce the risk of being associated with environmental and social failings that could impact negatively on Novozymes’ reputation.

On entering into agreements with new business partners or acquiring new companies or activities, Novozymes takes environmental and social issues into account on par with the financial considerations.

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