Note 23 - Provisions

Audited by PwC
2010 2009
    DKK million  DKK million
Provisions at January 1 155  154 
Currency translation
Additions during the year 64 
Reversals during the year   -  (1)
Utilization during the year   (7) (7)
Provisions at December 31 219  155 
Current 50  30 
Non-current 169  125 
Provisions include remainder of purchase price in connection with acquisitions, which was DKK 40 million in 2010 (2009: DKK 17 million), of which DKK 21 million (2009: DKK 5 million) is expected to be settled within one year, while the rest will be settled over a period of up to seven years.
Provisions also include items relating to liabilities for restoring rental premises to their original condition on moving out, pending litigation, environmental cases, and other long-term employee benefits with the exception of pensions and similar obligations. These are expected to be settled over a longer period.

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