Accounting policies for environmental and social data

Audited by PwC

The accounting policies for environmental, social, and knowledge data are unchanged from last year, except for the calculation of improvement of water, energy, and CO2 efficiency, where indexes are used to measure performance compared to 2005. The change does not affect the recognition or measurement of consumed quantities. 

The environmental and social data in the Annual Report are based on data for the parent company and for all subsidiaries, combining items of a uniform nature compiled using the same methods, unless specifically stated otherwise below. The selection of parameters to report on is based on an evaluation of what Novozymes considers to be responsible, relevant, and of value for its stakeholders when measuring sustainable performance.

Acquired companies are recognized as from the date of acquisition, and comparative figures are not restated.

Information on Novozymes’ use of the GRI indicators will be found in the online report under Supplementary reporting.

Environmental and social data are an integrated part of The Novozymes Report and are covered by the statutory audit performed by the auditor elected by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

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